Package org.dom4j

Defines the XML Document Object Model in Java interfaces together with some helper classes.


Interface Summary
Attribute Attribute defines an XML attribute.
Branch Branch interface defines the common behaviour for Nodes which can contain child nodes (content) such as XML elements and documents.
CDATA CDATA defines an XML CDATA section.
CharacterData CharacterData is a marker interface for character based nodes such as the CDATA,Comment and Text nodes.
Comment Comment defines the behavior of an XML comment.
Document Document defines an XML Document.
DocumentType DocumentType defines an XML DOCTYPE declaration.
Element Element interface defines an XML element.
ElementHandler ElementHandler interface defines a handler of Element objects.
ElementPath This interface is used by ElementHandlerinstances to retrieve information about the current path hierarchy they are to process.
Entity Entity defines an XML entity.
Node Node defines the polymorphic behavior for all XML nodes in a dom4j tree.
NodeFilter NodeFilter defines the behavior for a filter or predicate which acts on a DOM4J Node.
ProcessingInstruction ProcessingInstruction defines an XML processing instruction.
Text Text defines an XML Text node.
Visitor Visitor is used to implement the Visitor pattern in DOM4J.
XPath XPath represents an XPath expression after it has been parsed from a String.

Class Summary
DocumentFactory DocumentFactory is a collection of factory methods to allow easy custom building of DOM4J trees.
DocumentHelper DocumentHelper is a collection of helper methods for using DOM4J.
Namespace Namespace is a Flyweight Namespace that can be shared amongst nodes.
QName QName represents a qualified name value of an XML element or attribute.
VisitorSupport VisitorSupport is an abstract base class which is useful for implementation inheritence or when using anonymous inner classes to create simple Visitor implementations.

Exception Summary
DocumentException DocumentException is a nested Exception which may be thrown during the processing of a DOM4J document.
IllegalAddException IllegalAddException is thrown when a node is added incorrectly to an Element
InvalidXPathException InvalidXPathException is thrown when an invalid XPath expression is used to traverse an XML document
XPathException XPathException is thrown when an exception occurs while evaluating an XPath expression, usually due to some function throwing an exception.

Package org.dom4j Description

Defines the XML Document Object Model in Java interfaces together with some helper classes.

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